at a glance takes your code from your or or repository, then builds it in a consistent environment before carefully deploying it to your servers.


Pull dependencies, compile code, compress assets… Whatever your project needs.


We push your code to your servers securely over SSH and switch them to the new version atomically. We can run hooks and send notifications too.


Obviously you never make mistakes, but tell your boss that you can rollback in seconds if needed.

Cloud Based

Get up and running on our resilient infrastructure in less than 10 minutes. That's one less thing for you to be responsible for.

Simple Configuration

Store your config in your repository (excluding passwords, access keys, etc). Oh, and all your config is written in YAML or JSON. Pick your favourite.

Free for Open Source & Small Projects

For open source projects there's no usage limits and the free tier for private projects gives you enough for most small projects. See the pricing page for more.

How it works

Configuration in YAML (or JSON)

Configuration can be beautiful

Configure everything in YAML or JSON. You define your server infrastructure, build process and specific deployment steps inside your repository where your developers can see it. The whole team should be aware of how deployments work to ensure that changes get deployed smoothly every time. If you have any differences in the deployment process between staging and production, they'll be obvious to the team here too.

Build, compile, compress

Builds are done in one of our pre-defined Docker containers (or you can use your own custom image). You can use anything you need in this safe environment to ensure a consistent build, every time. You can run your tests here too if you want, although we recommend the use of a purpose built CI platform.

Build, Compile, Compress

Website Deployments


Deployments and rollbacks are atomic (no downtime) and highly configurable. We can handle single servers or complex setups with load balancers, web servers, app servers & database migrations. You can trigger deployments from GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket, by branch, tag/release or specific commit. We'll then do all the heavy lifting on our servers to ensure the code is deployed to your infrastructure. Finally, we'll let you know how it went via Slack or HipChat and inform your other tools the deployment has completed (again all configured in your single YAML/JSON config file).

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